Pick the right door, lighting and fan, and learn how to make sure your choices are functional and will complement your style.

While working with your Centennial electrician, have you ever thought about designing the lighting on your front porch? This space is meant to welcome your guests into your home, be sure all the design elements associated with your porch work together and that they create the perfect ambiance.

A porch also needs good lighting. While many older porches may feature just one simple ceiling fixture, a more comprehensive lighting design that offers ambient, task and accent light, otherwise known as light layering, will make your porch more attractive, functional and safe.

You can combine a traditional ceiling fixture with lanterns and sconces on each side of a front porch entry door to avoid shadows and unpleasant glare. Use a stylish chandelier over a porch dining area for illumination and a touch of glamour, or add hanging lanterns for ambiance over a porch seating area.

When choosing lanterns for a porch, lighting designer Randall Whitehead, of Randall Whitehead Lighting Solutions, says go for frosted glass lanterns that obscure the light source inside and require less cleaning than clear glass.

Place task lights next to porch chairs or on tables so you can dine, read or play games, and use spotlights to highlight architectural details. On an entertaining porch, you might want to add recessed lights on dimmers that give you lots of control over the level of light in the space. Always choose porch light fixtures rated for outdoor use, and make sure all landing areas and steps are illuminated properly.

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