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Signs You Should Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

At MZ Electric, we often get asked if there are signs that it is time to upgrade your electrical panel. It is true that your home may be signaling you that it is time to think about making the investment in a new panel.
  1. You live in an older property: While this one may be fairly obvious, it is worth stating, simply because you want to make sure your home is completely safe for your family. When most older properties were built, a 60-amp panel was sufficient. However, with today’s technology and appliances, you most likely want to upgrade to a 200-amp panel.
  2. Your lights are flickering and your appliances are underperforming: These are definite signs that your panel is overloading, and likely needs an upgrade. It’s also a sign that the panel isn’t as safe as it could be.
  3. You are considering a remodel or significant upgrade to your home: If you are thinking of upgrading your appliances in the near future, or adding an air conditioner to your home, this is also a good time to consider an upgrade. A remodel is also a good time to upgrade your panel, as you may be adding lighting that your current panel won’t support.
  4. You have fuses, not circuit breakers: If your home was built before the 1970s, it may have a fuse-based system rather than a circuit breaker. Though fuses perform the same function as circuit breakers, they are outdated, and don’t trip when they are overloaded.
  5. Your breakers are frequently tripping: While breakers are designed to trip as a safety feature, if you are continuously visiting your breaker box, it’s a definite sign that your current panel isn’t supporting the amount of electricity your home needs.
If you have more questions about upgrading your panel, and if your home currently needs an upgrade, don’t hesitate to give MZ Electric a call today at 303.933.9220. We provide free estimates for panel upgrades and would be glad to discuss any questions you may have.

When and Why: Upgrading Your Home’s Electrical Panel

Somewhere in your home is an electrical panel. It’s likely housed in a metal sheet enclosure and outfitted with breaker switches, numbers and labels, and a cobweb of wires. It’s here electricity flows to your lights, appliances and electronics straight from your local power company. Consider it the brains of your home. If you’ve got a home renovation project in the works, adapting smart appliances or purchasing a hot tub or sauna, or incorporating an electric car charger into your home, you need to consider upgrading your electrical panel. The upgrade won’t affect the wiring inside your home; it will simply improve and safeguard your system’s ability to effectively distribute added power throughout the home. Other reasons to upgrade your electrical panel include homes built more than 10-years-ago, flickering lights, blown fuses or excessive use of extension cords to access electrical outlets. Any irregular electrical behavior should be inspected by a properly trained electrician. And even though a repair may do the trick, an upgrade will undoubtedly improve the overall quality of the electrical system. Don’t let upfront costs and the disruption of construction, if already in progress, stop you from upgrading your electrical panel. Both can be overlooked with savings earned by coordinating projects and/or scheduling proactive electrical work. If you’re considering an electrical panel upgrade or repair, call MZ Electric today at 303-933-9220. We specialize in repairing and upgrading panels to 200- (most common), 320- (continuous) or 400-amp. MZ Electric is locally owned and operated, and is your neighborhood electrical contractor. Our technicians are fully licensed and have a wide range of experience in the electrical industry. We offer extremely competitive rates for all your electrical needs; plus, discounts for teachers, military and seniors, as well as referral coupons.