Energy Saving Devices / Products Littleton, CO

It’s never too late to start saving energy! At MZ Electric, we offer a variety of energy saving devices and options. For now, here are some small changes you can make now to start saving right away!

  1. Turn off unnecessary lights (Better yet, switch to LED lamps!)
  2. Use natural light
  3. Use task lighting
  4. Unplug unused electronics and appliances
  5. Recycle your old desktop computer and switch to your laptop full time
  6. Turn off the air conditioner when you leave
  7. Recycle or donate old LCD television sets
  8. Program your thermostat
  9. Plan your window coverings strategically
  10. BBQ when the weather allows
  11. Wash your laundry in cold water
  12. Run full loads of laundry
  13. Hang dry your laundry
  14. Adding a clean, dry towel to your laundry cuts your drying time
  15. Check your refrigerator temperature
  16. Let the dishes in your dishwasher air-dry