Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors Littleton, CO

Mark your calendars! Check the batteries in your smoke detectors every time you change your clocks. Smoke detectors with a lithium battery or that are hard-wired have about a 10-year life span. Carbon monoxide detectors live roughly 5-7 years.

Interconnected systems are the latest and greatest! These systems are hard-wired and all talk to each other so that if one alarm in your basement goes off, it will tell all the others so that you can hear the alarm regardless of your location in the home.

Combination smoke and carbon monoxide units work together to detect fires and the odorless, colorless, tasteless gas known as CO – the silent killer. You’ll it is time to change your CO detector when a new battery does not silence the beeping. Call MZ Electric at 303.933.9220 to replace your detectors right away! It’s not worth the wait!