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Carbon Monoxide Safety Awareness

January is Carbon Monoxide Safety Awareness Month “Almost everyone takes gas appliances for granted. You push a button and the […]
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Time to Repair or Replace Your Light Switch

5 Signs It’s Time to Repair (or Replace) Your Light Switch It’s 6:30 pm. You’ve made it through the clogged […]
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Pros & Cons of Ceiling Fans

Pros & Cons of Ceiling Fans Installed in Your Home During the hot summer months, there are many steps homeowners […]
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Electrical Maintenance for Homeowners

An Introduction to Electrical Maintenance for Homeowners There are many maintenance tasks to keep up with when it comes to […]
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Light Bulbs 101

smart kids with lightbulbs

Light Bulbs 101: Bringing You Out of the Dark At MZ Electric, we know navigating the luminous world of light […]
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gardening tools

Cabin Fever Calls for Springtime Renovation Projects Bye-bye cabin fever, hello new beginnings. The days are getting brighter, birds are […]
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Tesla charger

MZ Electric Turns the Ignition on Tesla Charging Station Certification Get your engines ready. MZ Electric is now a certified […]
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Lighting the Way to Basement Upgrades

modern kitchen lighting(small)

Lighting the Way to Basement Upgrades If you’re preparing to finish your basement, lighting will soon become a top priority, […]
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Light up the Night with Outdoor Lighting Option

hanging lights zoomed out

Light up the Night with Outdoor Lighting Option Although it’s the dead of winter around the Denver Metro Area, now’s […]
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The Anatomy of an Outlet

The Anatomy of an Outlet Have you ever considered the make-up of your home’s electrical outlets? You know, the places […]
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