Light Bulbs 101: Bringing You Out of the Dark

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At MZ Electric, we know navigating the luminous world of light bulbs can be…well, blinding. So, we’re taking it upon ourselves to spell out the differences between the modern-day variations of Thomas Edison’s invention created more than 150 years ago. Incandescent bulbs are often considered the least energy-efficient type of electric lighting, despite being…


Cabin Fever Calls for Springtime Renovation Projects

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Bye-bye cabin fever, hello new beginnings. The days are getting brighter, birds are singing and flowers are blooming. It must be Spring. If you’ve got home remodels on the brain, now’s the time to make it all happen. From basement finishes and kitchen renovations to outdoor projects and bathroom facelifts, MZ Electric wants to help…


MZ Electric Turns the Ignition on Tesla Charging Station Certification

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Get your engines ready. MZ Electric is now a certified Tesla Charging Station Installer. If you’re an illustrious owner of an all-electric vehicle made by Tesla, you can now work with MZ Electric to have your home outfitted with a Tesla-branded personal charging station. Tesla, like manufacturers of other electric vehicles, has a specialized charging…


Sharing Our Rolodex of Referrals

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92 percent of consumers trust recommendations from other people, even if they don’t know them personally.1 At MZ Electric, we like to think we’ve got a pretty solid Rolodex of reputable, trustworthy, and reasonable HVAC technicians and other contractors. If you’re looking for recommendations, hesitate no more. Call us at 303-933-9220 with your referral/recommendation inquiry…


Lighting the Way to Basement Upgrades

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If you’re preparing to finish your basement, lighting will soon become a top priority, if it isn’t already. A lack of natural light down there often leaves basements feeling, well, underground. Make light of the situation by illuminating your space. Well beyond the accent lighting of table and floor lamps, you have choices. More often…


Light up the Night with Outdoor Lighting Option

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Although it’s the dead of winter around the Denver Metro Area, now’s the time to start thinking about outdoor living spaces. Once the seasons change, nights get warmer and stars brighter, you’re destined to begin spending time outside with family and friends. Whether you’re sitting on a deck or patio, or you want to highlight…


The Anatomy of an Outlet

Have you ever considered the make-up of your home’s electrical outlets? You know, the places you plug cords into to make your household appliances and favorite devices come to life? Bet you’re giving them some thought now. Take a closer look, does the outlet nearest you have two- or three-prongs? (Made you look!) As you…


Getting Acquainted with Your Home’s Electrical Panel: Safety and Dependability

As the brains to our homes, it’s surprising (and alarming) so many homeowners fall short when it comes to a clear understanding of the inner-workings of a home’s electrical service panel. The sheet-metal enclosure is located in a basement, dark closet, or an outdoor location; and is outfitted with switches or fuses, numbers, and labels,…


Toasted Bread, Not Household Electronics

If you live in a home built more than a decade ago and you’re considering the addition of a newly purchased air conditioner or furnace; maybe a hot tub or sauna, then this installment of our MZ Electric Blog is for you. These home accessories, along with all newer devices, including TVs and computers, have…


Signs You Should Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

At MZ Electric, we often get asked if there are signs that it is time to upgrade your electrical panel. Your home may indeed be signaling you that it is time to think about investing in a new panel. You live in an older property: While this one may be…


Electrical Panel Brands: Not All Are Created Equal

Is your home outfitted with either a Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) or GTE Sylvania-Zinsco electrical panel, or is the panel more than 10-years-old? If you answered “yes,” you’re encouraged to contact a qualified electrician as soon as possible for a thorough inspection of the panel. Doing so will safeguard you and your home against faulty…


When and Why: Upgrading Your Home’s Electrical Panel

Somewhere in your home is an electrical panel. It’s likely housed in a metal sheet enclosure and outfitted with breaker switches, numbers and labels, and a cobweb of wires. It’s here electricity flows to your lights, appliances, and electronics straight from your local power company. Consider it the brains of your home. If you’ve got it…


Sparking Conversation with the MZ Electric Blog

Welcome to the MZ Electric Blog. We’re turning up the voltage on our web presence to make getting access to useful electrical-based details and tips a little easier. Consider the Blog another conduit for tapping into our expertise on all things electrical. Blog topics will range from the latest lighting design and energy-saving trends…