Do you offer free estimates?

We offer ONE free estimate to customers inside our service area. A free estimate includes ONE site visit of roughly 45 minutes to review with you YOUR plans for your electrical project; and ONE bid proposal. Revisions and adjustments to original scope of work and bid proposal may incur additional charges.

What do you mean by “MAN HOURS?”

Our highly qualified, licensed electricians are paid highly competitive wages on an hourly basis. All time and material jobs are billed per man hour. If there are 2 men on the job, then the hourly rate appears to double, which we understand sounds overwhelming. However, it typically takes 2 men a total of 4 man hours to complete a job that would take 1 man 5 hours to complete.

What is included in man hours?

Man hours are the time spent working on your electrical project: in your home and out. Our vans are well-stocked, but it is impossible to stock every single electrical part. If your job requires parts that we do not stock; we will go to the store to purchase them during these man hours. We always prefer to complete the job in one visit. Return visits will incur additional man hours, occasionally with a trip charge if the return is for work that takes less than two hours.

May I apply multiple discounts to one job?

No. You will find that our prices are extremely competitive. Are you an Angie’s List member? BBB? A teacher? Veteran? Senior? Referral of a friend? We almost always find a reason to give you a discount. One discount per service, please.

Do you accept credit cards?

Banks are constantly raising their rates and fees for businesses when it comes to credit card processing. Do you know that rewards cards charge retailers a higher rate to process their cards? In order to keep our rates low, we are happy to accept 20% of your payment, UP TO $500 on a credit card.

Which credit cards can I use for my max $500 payment?

Our techs are prepared to swipe Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. We can only accept Visa or Mastercard over the phone; but we will be happy to email a paypal request to you with the same restrictions.

Do you offer emergency services?

We try to get to everyone as soon as possible, but we can only be in so many places at one time. If we can tend to your emergency needs, we will be happy to, but we are not an emergency company and often schedule out at least a week or so. Please be patient with our schedule and we will do the same with yours.

How is lighting design different from a free estimate?

Lighting design is time spent with one of our highly creative and qualified, licensed electricians during which time we come up with ideas on how to design lighting layouts in your home, place of business, or yard. We do not teach you how to become an electrician; we merely offer our creativity and design. This time is billed at our regularly hourly rate including the time it takes to put together a design plan and bid proposal. A free estimate is where you show us what exactly you want to do and we will put together ONE bid proposal based on ONE visit. Any changes to the scope of work or bid proposal may incur additional charges at our regular hourly rate.

What is a hard bid?

A hard bid is generated for large scale jobs such as service upgrades, additions, remodels, or new construction projects.

What sort of jobs are billed on a time and material basis?

Troubleshooting and service work including, but not limited to, remodeling or replacing light switches, fixtures, ceiling fans, and outlets.

Why don’t you come to look at my job first?

Our highly qualified licensed electricians have seen almost everything! If we think it’s necessary to come take a look first, we will do so; but the majority of service work will be billed on a time and material basis.

What are your hours?

Our regularly scheduled office hours are Monday through Friday 8am-5pm. We schedule work for our electricians from Monday through Friday from 7am-3pm. Afterhours and weekends are negotiable for an extra charge.

Do you charge a trip charge?

Trip charges apply to customers outside our service area for estimates and jobs that take less than 3 hours.

What is your service area?

Due to changing demands from one season to the next, our service area also changes. When we are completely booked in Littleton, we just cannot get out to Aurora. During slower times of year, we have a little more flexibility. Please call our office to see if you are in our service area.

Can I have an over-the-phone bid?

In most cases, we can give you a pretty good “guesstimate” as to what your intended project will cost. We will always remind you that this is not a hard bid, and can change once we get our hands on your wiring.

Why didn’t I receive your email?

Many spam filters like as much as our customers do. Please check your spam folder if you are expecting to hear from us and haven’t yet!

Can I just email you the bid I received from another electrician?

No. Please don’t! This is unethical. If you have had an electrician visit your site and generate a list of recommended tasks, please feel free to copy and paste the task list, careful to remove or hide the company name and pricing info. We will be happy to provide our own bid to the task list.

Do we need to pull a permit?

Most smaller service work does not require a permit. In most cases, additions, remodels, and upgrades to your furnace, AC or service do require permits.

Is my job too small?

No job is too small. Please be aware that it often takes longer to schedule smaller service calls. Service work that takes less than 2 hours to complete may incur a trip charge. Please call for details.
If you should have any additional questions please contact us at (303)933-9220