5 Reasons to Become an Electrician

When you graduate from high school, you’re faced with the decision of continuing your studies at college or entering the workforce. While college is often the popular choice, investing your time into a trade can offer benefits that college doesn’t always provide.

This includes benefits like on-the-job paid training, the availability of high-paying jobs once you finish your apprenticeship, job independence, different problem-solving skills and work each day, and physical activity. To help you learn more about the electrician career option, our experts at MZ Electric compiled a list to better describe the five reasons to take on an electrician job.

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1. Paid Apprenticeship

The first benefit of an electrician career that differs from going to college is the financial aspect. While college frequently leaves you with student loan debt when you graduate, becoming an electrician involves a paid apprenticeship during the process. Not only are you receiving electrical training during your apprenticeship, but you are also rewarded for your hard work.

Paid apprenticeships also help to develop a strong working relationship between you and your employer. Since you are learning and training on the job, instead of in school, you are getting direct field experience and learning how the company operates. While school is useful to learn technical terms, it doesn’t offer the same hands-on experience that an apprenticeship does.

2. High-Paying Electrician Job Options

Another benefit of electrical work is that you have high-paying electrician job opportunities once you complete your apprenticeship. Oftentimes, apprentices take on a leadership position with the company they learned from because they’ve already established a great working relationship. Other times, they branch out to try out new electrical companies and benefits. 

Electrical apprentices are not only more likely to get jobs after their training compared to students, but they are also likely to double their pay when they get promoted to journeymen. The highly-skilled nature of the electrical field makes it less competitive once you have the proper training. On the other hand, The National Association of Colleges and Employers found that only 50 percent of recent college graduates found jobs within six months after graduation.

3. Job Independence

Electricians also get the perk of being their own boss. Once you complete your apprenticeship, you move up to a position where you are running your own jobs and training apprentices. This job independence allows you to plan how you complete your deadlines. Getting the proper certifications allows you the option to run your own electrical business as well.

In addition to job independence, electrical certifications can earn you a Master’s license. A Master electrician is one step above a journeyman. While journeymen can work on their own, Master electricians do work before jobs even begin, like pulling permits for electrical jobs. Master electricians have been journeymen for five years before qualifying for the higher title. 

4. Interesting Work

In addition to job security, pay benefits, and job independence, electrical work is interesting and teaches you skills to handle dangerous electrical components. For example, mishandling electrical wiring or electrical panels can lead to dangers like electrocution and electrical fires. 

Having extensive electrical knowledge helps you identify issues before they turn into costly repairs or replacements, or become hazardous to your home and family. In addition, electrical work offers new challenges and opportunities to pick up skills each day. With electrical work, you aren’t confined to the same tasks in the same place day in and day out.

5. Physical Benefits

Finally, electrician careers offer physical benefits that you can’t get from sitting in an office every day. In the daily tasks of your job, you may climb ladders, lift objects over 75 lbs, use power tools, and work long hours and overtime if necessary. You may also work indoors or outside, and under various weather conditions during storms or summer emergencies.

Therefore, electrical work isn’t an easy job, but all that effort does pay off physically, making you stronger and often healthier. With an electrician job, hitting the gym after work isn’t necessary.

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We are looking for high school graduates who can describe themselves as a self-starter and reliable hard worker. If you also have a flexible schedule and a good attitude, an electrician career offers a valuable initiative for you. If you are interested in beginning your electrical career in Colorado, don’t hesitate to give MZ Electric a call.

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