Professional Electrical Installation Services in Littleton, CO

When it comes to home improvement, electrical projects are one area in which you should never compromise on quality. While it may not matter if you choose the cheaper carpet or most cost-effective countertops, your family’s safety is in jeopardy when you cut corners on an electrical installation. While our prices at MZ Electric are competitive, we are especially committed to the quality of each project, ensuring that your electrical system is always safe and dependable.

Our Installation Services

We understand your desire for a home that balances beauty and livability. If you are looking for an electrician near me who knows how to design and create a space that stands out while also being extremely comfortable and practical, you have come to the right place. Each member of our team at MZ Electric has a creative eye for beautiful spaces and years of experience in performing reliable installations. We can work with any room and any budget and we always listen to the needs of our customers.

Outlets and Switches

The electrical outlets in your home can be the difference between an electrical system that is safe and convenient and one that is frustrating and potentially dangerous. If it has been some time since you have upgraded your outlets, you may want to take advantage of our outlet installation services.
Our main goals are for homes in Littleton to be safe and up to code as well as suitable for the home’s specific electrical needs. In order to keep your home up to code, you will need to make sure you have GFCI outlets in locations such as your kitchen, bathroom, or a laundry room. GFCI installation is important for protecting your family from electrical shock.

Ceiling Fan Installation

There are many benefits to installing a ceiling fan in your home. Ceiling fans can increase the comfort of the room in both the summer and winter and can help to reduce strain on your heating and air conditioning systems by making it feel several degrees cooler or warmer than it is. Ceiling fans can also contribute to your indoor air quality, and they can be a beautiful addition to any room.
Ceiling fan installation should always be performed by a licensed electrician. When a ceiling fan is improperly installed, it can be in danger of falling and injuring someone, or it can be the source of electrical problems in the home. We make professional ceiling fan services worth the expense by ensuring a secure and beautiful installation.

Smoke Detector Installation

Every home should be equipped with the correct amount of smoke detectors, and they should always be placed in the right locations to maximize their efficiency in an emergency. These guidelines are set by the NEC, and MZ Electric carefully follows these rules each time we are called for a smoke detector installation. We specialize in interconnected smoke detectors which provide an added layer of safety, helping families get to safety faster in the event of a fire.
Some households overlook carbon monoxide detector installation, but these are just as important as smoke detectors, especially if you have fuel-burning appliances in your home. CO is dangerous because it has no odor or color so you may be unaware of its presence until it is too late. If you are not adequately protected from carbon monoxide in your home, reach out to our installation services.

Lighting Installation

The type of lighting that you have in your home can make a huge difference not only in the aesthetics of the room but also in its energy-efficiency. You don’t have to settle for substandard lighting solutions. At MZ Electric, we know how to find solutions that are affordable, beautiful, healthy for your eyes and energy-efficient.
We provide lighting installation solutions for every room of your home, and we also install outdoor lighting. If you want to make your yard or patio a more comfortable place where you can enjoy warm summer evenings in Littleton, having outdoor lighting installed can make a big difference.

Whole House Surge Protection

Surges can happen as a result of a lightning strike, a tree branch touching a power line, or even an appliance turning on in your home. Small power surges can make your appliances run hot, causing them to fail sooner than they would have otherwise. Large surges can cause immediate damage to computers, televisions, and more. To prevent damage, you can call us for whole house surge protector installation.

Electrical Panel Repairs

Electrical panels are the center of your electrical system, so they must work perfectly. If your electrical panel is no longer adequate or you have been experiencing problems with it, you can replace it with our electrical panel installation services.
Electrical replacements and installations should always be done by a licensed electrician who has many years of experience. Our team at MZ Electric has the expertise and the professionalism needed to make your installation experience everything you need it to be. Call us today for more info.