Wafer & Recessed Lighting: Installation, Repair & Service Near Littleton, CO

The lighting in your home seems like such a minor detail. But it really can add to—or take away from—the overall look of your Littleton, CO, home. When there isn’t enough lighting, it can put a damper on entertaining your guests. If it’s too harsh, it could interfere with your relaxation. 

Recessed lighting is a way to enhance any living space with a modern, attractive look. With the addition of a wafer light, there are endless possibilities for the style you can add to your home.    

What Is Recessed Lighting? 

Recessed lighting is installed into the ceiling instead of on the surface. It has two parts: trim and housing. The housing is the part that holds the bulb and is installed inside the ceiling. The trim is the portion visible when you look at the lighting fixture.   

Benefits of Recessed Lighting 

Recessed lighting installation in your Littleton, CO, home is a great choice for your bathroom, kitchen, or garage because it requires minimal space while providing direct lighting. 

When properly installed by an electrician, these lights can provide years of reliable, low-maintenance lighting. But there are plenty of other benefits, including:

  • Making rooms appear larger 
  • Waterproof options are safe for bathrooms 
  • Perfect for illuminating any workspace 
  • Dimmer switches create an ambiance
  • Minimal cleaning because they are protected from dust and dirt 

LED recessed lighting can provide up to five years of light, even if they are left on 24-hours a day! 

Uses for Recessed Lighting 

There isn’t a wrong place to install recessed lighting! Here are a few ways that we recommend using this type of lighting:  

  • Multi-use rooms 
  • Office spaces 
  • Halls and passageways 
  • Stairwells 
  • Accent lighting 
  • Illuminating kitchen or bathrooms 
  • A spotlight for art or other decorations 

Recessed lighting always compliments any room, but we don’t recommend relying on it as the sole lighting source. Ask any of our nearby electricians how you can best use recessed lighting in your home. 

Wafer Light vs. Can Light 

Wafer lights are a modern take on traditional recessed lighting, which is also known as can light. Can lights have a metal casing around them to protect the bulb from debris. On top of the casing, there is an electric box, rod, and hanger so it can be mounted. 

A wafer light, also known as can-less lights, has thinner housing in a single unit that connects the light directly to the electrical wiring. Both come with a list of pros and cons, so our technicians will discuss these with you to help guide you toward your best option. 

Choosing the Best Recessed Lighting for Your Littleton, CO, Home

With all of the choices available today, choosing the best lighting can be challenging. But a nearby electrician from MZ Electric can help you decide what lighting fixtures will work best for your home. Many homeowners find that a recessed lighting installation is a perfect match. 

Once you dive into the world of recessed lighting, you’ll find many sizes and styles available. A recessed lighting installation can add sophistication and personality while providing functional light in your living space. 

They also help bring attention to specific points of interest in your home, like a photo or artwork hanging on your wall. Some recessed lighting fixtures even rotate so you can continually change the focus of the room.   

Placement of Recessed Lighting 

Recessed lighting, whether can or wafer light, tends to be less bright than traditional lighting. Because of this, professional electricians are trained to use a specific formula to help decide the best place for the installation. 

Our trained technicians will work with you to determine the best placement for your recessed lighting installation, but it all depends on what you’re trying to illuminate.  

Recessed Lighting Repair

Recessed lighting is low maintenance and tends to last for many years. However, it isn’t unbreakable. Two common problems in recessed lighting are sagging trim or a flickering bulb. Not to worry, though! Our electricians can safely repair any sagging trim by replacing the springs that keep it in place. 

If you have a flickering bulb, there might be a problem with the thermal protector. We can replace this component and restore your lights to working form!    

Why Choose MZ Electric for Wafer Light Installation?

We’ve been serving the Littleton, CO, area since 2009. You can rest assured that our electricians are experienced and have your best interests in mind. When working on your recessed lighting project, we always consider your needs first. 

Regardless of your preferences, we’ll help you choose the most stylish and modern lighting fixture that matches your personal taste. 

Nearby Electricians Providing Quality Installation Services 

At MZ Electric in Littleton, CO, we’ve established ourselves as leading electrical services providers. We’ve built a reputation for delivering exceptional customer service and workmanship. 

When you choose to work with our electricians for your recessed lighting installation, you know you’ll receive quality service and feel satisfied with the results. 

If you’re ready to brighten up your home, give MZ Electric a call.