Electrical Panel Repair Services 

Your home’s electrical panel sits at the heart of your electrical system. The panel helps to safely distribute power throughout your home, making sure that you have electricity where you need it. 

The electrical panel also houses your circuit breakers, which prevents appliances or other devices from drawing too much power from the system. So when your electrical panel has problems, it’s more than an inconvenience—it’s a safety hazard!

The technicians at MZ Electric are well-trained in electrical panel repair. Our licensed and insured electricians have the experience to be able to identify every issue you might have with your electrical panel, from the smallest defect to major internal problems. 

With our competitive pricing and our commitment to customer service, you can rest assured that you’re not just getting an electrical panel repair; you’re partnering with a company that cares about the health of your home’s entire electrical system.

Signs that You Need an Electrical Panel Repair

With the increasing power demands of the modern household, it’s more likely than ever that you might experience problems with your electrical system. Older panels — especially those that were installed more than 20 years ago — don’t necessarily have the capacity to handle the increased power loads required to keep modern homes running. 

There are a number of ways for you to tell if your electrical panel is experiencing issues, such as:

  • Your electrical panel is hot to the touch
  • There are strange smells coming from your panels, such as burning or rotten eggs
  • Odd noises, like sizzling or popping, are coming from your panel
  • Your circuit breakers trip frequently
  • Your circuit breaker won’t reset after tripping
  • There are signs of scorching or melting on your panel

If you notice any of these signs, you should contact MZ Electric as soon as possible to schedule your electrical panel repair. While your panel may continue to provide electrical power, you run the risk of incurring more damage to your system, or worse, starting a fire. 

Electrical Panel Repair Options

When it comes to electrical panel repair, there are several options available to you, depending on the issue with your panel. Here are some of the more common solutions that we provide to our customers. 

Circuit Breakers

If we determine that the issue is with your circuit breakers, there are a couple of solutions available. If one or more of your breakers has failed — either because it’s worn out over time or because it’s experienced a significant failure — it’s relatively simple to replace the affected breakers. 

Adding Circuits

If there’s room in your electrical panel, we can install additional circuits to relieve any overburdened existing circuits. This will help to limit the strain placed on your system, making it safer and more efficient.

Electrical Rewiring

If we determine that the wiring is the source of the problem, we can rewire your electrical panel to eliminate the issue. Problems with wiring are usually the result of shoddy initial installation or outdated systems. Making sure that you have an electrical contractor you can trust will help you to avoid issues like this in the future.

Panel Relocation

Occasionally, your electrical panel may be located in an area of your home that may be exposed to moisture or other factors that could be causing a problem. If that’s the case, we can relocate your panel to a better-suited area.

Panel Upgrade or Replacement

Sometimes, the best option is to upgrade your panel with a new model, especially if your old electrical panel doesn’t have the capacity to handle your home’s power demands. The experts at MZ Electric will make sure that you get the right panel for your needs.

Littleton’s Trusted Electricians – MZ Electric

If you need an electrical panel repair, contact the team at MZ Electric today, and we’ll schedule a time for a technician to come out and make sure that your electrical system is in top shape.