EV Charger Installation in Littleton, CO

You purchased an electric vehicle with dreams of taking this car on adventures. When making this purchase, however, you didn’t realize the time it can take to charge the vehicle using a standard wall outlet. Once you realize the limited range you get even after charging the car all night, you may find yourself disappointed with the purchase.

Installing a level two charger in your home will allow you to get the most from your vehicle. We work with customers every day to complete this process. When doing so, we help with all aspects of the project. This includes planning where to put the charger and determining which charger best meets your needs.

In addition, we take into consideration any elements related to the make and model of the vehicle. There may be slight variations based on whether you purchase a Porsche electric vehicle or one made by Nissan.

We can install EV Chargers for the following models of vehicles:

  • Tesla
  • BMW
  • Hyundai
  • Nissan
  • Polestar
  • Rivian
  • Toyota
  • Volkswagen
  • Audi
  • Chevrolet
  • Mini Cooper
  • And all others!

Our technicians undergo training to ensure they can be of help to you with electric vehicle charger installation regardless of which make and model you buy. What might you need to know about this process?

Tesla EV Charger Installation in Littleton

If you own a Tesla, you want to drive it frequently. Upon purchasing the vehicle, you discover a Level 1 charger doesn’t meet your needs because it takes four days for the car to fully charge. Consider upgrading to a Level 2 charger with our help.

Doing so allows you to charge the vehicle fully in six to 30 hours. While a Level 3 option is offered, its cost is more than that of a new Tesla, so this option isn’t workable for most drivers.

We will help you install a Level 2 charger, one that runs off a 240V circuit, much like the electric dryer in your home does. When you choose this option, you get a range of 9 to 52 miles for each hour you allow the vehicle to charge.

The vehicle can charge as you sleep, and you may find you can save money by taking advantage of lower utility pricing during off-peak hours. Ask your utility provider if it offers this option.

We are fully licensed and have the training needed to install this charger and ensure it meets your needs in every way. You will love our competitive pricing. Ask about our discounts for seniors, teachers, and those who serve our country in the military.

Ford EV Charger Installation in Littleton

Ford electric vehicles come with switchable home-charging options, which you will appreciate as an owner. A mobile charger allows you to charge the vehicle using a 120V or 240V outlet. Many owners choose to charge the vehicle with a 240V outlet, as the charging process takes significantly less time, and these chargers are now available in many public locations.

However, most drivers choose to charge their vehicle at home using a connected charge station because this maximizes their home charging. Schedule the charging of the vehicle and monitor its progress with the help of the FordPass app, so you always know when the vehicle is ready for your next adventure.

Thanks to these options, you will find charging your Ford electric vehicle is as easy as charging your phone. If you choose to benefit from a connected charge station in your home, talk with our technician. You may find a grant will cover part of the installation cost.

Regardless of how you pay for this project, count on us to ensure the installation complies with local and national codes and regulations. We want you to enjoy your electric vehicle fully, so code compliance should never be a concern. With our help, it won’t be.

Chevrolet EV Charger Installation in Littleton

New Chevrolet Bolt vehicles come equipped with a Dual Level Charge Cord. This cord allows you to make use of Level One charging wherever you go, so long as you have access to a 120V outlet. When you are at home, use the same cord with your Level Two charger once we get it installed.

Audi, Volkswagen, BMW EV Charger Installation in Littleton

The German Engineering of these vehicles benefits greatly from a Level 2 Charger. You don’t want to have to wait the extra time to charge to get out on the road. Immediately upon bringing your new Audi or Volkswagen electric vehicle home, call us for information on our EV charger installation services. We answer all questions to ensure you know what you are purchasing and how this charger will benefit you. Your biggest concern will be where to place this charger in your Littleton, CO home, as we take care of the rest.