Whole House Surge Protection Littleton, CO

The dry weather in Littleton, CO, breeds frequent power surges and lightning strikes. You will certainly notice power surges that disrupt your electricity access, but you probably don’t even recognize most power surges. However, just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it won’t impact your home’s electronics.

In the past, power strips were thought to be the best way to protect against power surges. However, they’ve proven to be ineffective time and time again. The simplest and most cost-effective way to protect your devices from power surges is to schedule a whole-home surge protection installation.

What Exactly Is Whole-Home Surge Protection Installation?

Whole-home surge protection installation is the process of installing a surge protector on your main electrical panel that allows all safe electrical currents in and prevents irregular voltage from having an impact on your electronic devices and appliances. 

You can think of it as technology similar to water filters — they prevent unwanted things from flowing through your pipes but allow good water to pass. 

A surge protector protects your appliances from burning out or even exploding by performing this same function for your power. These devices also protect your electrical system from surges that originate from your own appliances.

You must call a professional for whole-home surge protection installation. Accessing the main panel box for your house can be extremely dangerous, even when the power is off. There are always live wires in the box that can cause serious electrocution or death if not handled properly.  

Finding an electrician can be as simple as searching the internet for “electricians near me,” but you can save that step by simply calling MZ Electric for fast and easy installation if you are in the Littleton, CO, area.

What Do Whole-Home Surge Protectors Protect?

Surge protectors will prevent damage to circuit boards from power surges for all of your electronic devices. They protect everything, from large appliances like HVAC, stoves, washers, and dryers, to small devices like computers and lights.

A surge protector will also prevent electrical surges from appliances cycling on and off. It is a little-known fact that cycling is one of the top causes of power surges. Refrigerators, hairdryers, air conditioners, and vacuums all use a cycle for their primary function.

While you may not think that a mini-surge caused by a cycling appliance is a big deal, these surges do cause damage over time. In addition, electrical devices with microprocessors are very sensitive to power surges and can be ruined by even a small current change.

In some instances, a surge protector is installed to protect against lightning strikes and the severe voltage fluctuations they cause. If your home is on the electrical grid, it can get hit with a giant surge at any time.

What Causes Power Surges

We already mentioned that lighting and appliance cycling could cause power surges, but many other things can also create surge conditions for your home’s electrical system. Power surges can be triggered by many sources both outside and inside your Littleton, CO, home, including:

  • Power grid switching
  • Overvoltages on utility lines
  • Downed power lines
  • Tripped circuit breakers
  • Short circuits
  • Power transitions in other large equipment on the same power line
  • Malfunctions caused by the power company
  • Inductive spikes

Top 3 Reasons You Should Invest in Whole-Home Surge Protection Installation

You may be wondering if the risk to your appliances posed by power surges needs to be addressed. There are three major reasons why investment surge protection makes sense:

Increasing Technology in the Home

Today’s households have more smart gadgets and electrical equipment than ever before. Unlike the olden days, home appliances now have circuit boards, which are at a heightened risk of damage from surges. In addition, more homes are switching to LED bulbs which contain microcircuit boards that are very sensitive to electrical surges.

Your computers, tablets, and smartphones carry critical information that you don’t want to lose. The last thing you want is a damaged or ruined smart device caused by a small power surge. It is a smart investment to make sure these devices are protected from surges.

Total Protection

Not only do whole-home surge protectors prevent harm to your electronics and appliances, but they also protect the larger electrical system. When a surge comes from a home appliance, the protector will send the surge back to the breaker panel, where it is stopped so that none of the other electrical equipment in the home is impacted. 

A whole-house surge protector makes sure every outlet in your home is safe.

Whole-Home Surge Protection Saves Time and Money

The process of whole-home surge protection installation only takes about two hours and is very affordable. On the other hand, if a power surge causes damage to an appliance or, even worse, your main electrical system, it can cost you hours and thousands of dollars to fix. 

It is better to make a small investment up front to save yourself headaches and expensive bills down the road.

MZ Electric is here for all of your electricity-related needs. We are local to the Denver, CO, area and always have your best interest in mind. If you are considering whole-home surge protector installation, give us a call today!