Electrician in Columbine, CO

Electrical services aren’t on anyone’s mind until something goes wrong. When it does go wrong, having the right help is crucial. Whether there isn’t enough light, the outlets are acting strange, or a new EV charger is needed, calling in the pros for help is crucial. No matter what electrical services are needed, MZ Electric has experts on hand ready to take a look and see what solutions are available. Read below to learn more about some of the services available, or call today to schedule any needed services. 

Why Call an Electrician?

Watching videos online, replacing an outlet, or adding in new lighting seems easy enough. There are a few wires that need to be connected, and everything should work as intended. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out this way. It is risky for homeowners to do their own electrical work, and problems may not appear right away. To avoid some of the risks below, it’s always a good idea to call a Columbine electrician for help. 

  • Electrocution and shocks. If the power is not turned off when someone starts working on the electricity, they can be shocked. If the power is strong enough to the device being repaired, the person could be electrocuted. This can also happen if someone else in the home turns on the power while the person is trying to do repairs. 
  • Fire in the home. If the wires aren’t installed correctly, at best, the outlet or other electrical device won’t work. At worst, though, is that it will start a fire inside the walls of the home. This doesn’t necessarily happen right after the installation or repair, either. It could happen weeks or months later when the outlet or other device starts to overheat because of the strain. 
  • Damage to electronics. If an outlet or switch isn’t installed correctly, it could cause surges or other issues that can damage whatever is plugged in. This could damage or destroy electronics, which could be costly to replace. 

Basic Installation Services

Even if the home is a newer build, it may require additional lighting, switches, outlets, ceiling fans, and other devices at some point. Very few homes have enough outlets in all the right places, but this is something that can be fixed. Electricians in Columbine can install new electrical fixtures in any home. If a room doesn’t have enough outlets, more can be added. If there isn’t enough light in a room, additional lights and the switches to use them can be installed. Electricians can also install ceiling fans to help keep the air moving and the home comfortable. 

Repair and Replacement

Sometimes, electronic fixtures within the home will stop working. If an outlet doesn’t provide power to anything that’s plugged in, it may need to be repaired or replaced. An electrician in Columbine can take a look at any outlets, switches, or other fixtures that aren’t working right to find out what’s needed to fix them. In most cases, the repair or replacement is affordable, and it can help prevent more serious issues like a fire, so it’s well worth getting the help needed. Homeowners can have an electrician inspect anything that’s wrong to get an idea of what repairs or replacements may be needed and what the cost will be to have it done. 

Outlet Troubleshooting and Repair

Outlets are vital to a home, and most of the time, they’ll work as expected. Unfortunately, they can stop working or have other signs of issues. Black spots or shocks when plugging something in are a sure sign that something is broken and needs to be repaired before there is a fire. If something is broken off in the outlet, it can’t be used until it’s fixed. By calling an electrician in Columbine, homeowners can have the outlet repaired or replaced, so it’s safe to use again. If anything seems to be wrong with the outlet, stop using it completely until it can be repaired. Continued use can lead to further problems that may make the situation a lot worse. 

Electrical Panel Repairs and Upgrades

When electrical panels are installed, they are designed to handle the load expected of the home. If the home is older, it may not have enough power to safely charge all electronics in the home and keep the home running. Panels can also suffer damage during storms, or components can stop working, meaning electricity can’t get to parts of the home. If the electrical panel isn’t working right, it’s crucial to have it repaired fast. If it’s just not up to the job and can’t handle the power needs of the home, an upgrade may be necessary. Electricians can handle either situation to make sure homeowners have all the power they need for the home. 

Whole-Home Surge Protection Installation

When storms hit, the lights can go out. As the lights are turned back on, they can surge, which can cause electronics like TVs to be damaged. In some cases, the devices plugged in at the time of the surge may be unrepairable due to the amount of damage. Surge protectors can be plugged into outlets to protect electronics like TVs, but they only work on what’s plugged into them. Instead, homeowners in Columbine may want to consider a whole-home surge protector. This protects the entire home, so there’s no need to worry about a surge happening while everyone is out of the house or what could happen if a surge damages the TV or other electronics. 

EV Charger Installation

Electronic vehicles are being sold far more frequently today as they do offer a number of advantages and can help homeowners stop paying as much for gas. Most electronic vehicles can plug into the standard outlet in the garage and will charge, but they will charge slowly. For the person who only goes short distances, that may be fine, but for most people, it won’t be sufficient. Instead, an EV charger installation may be needed. An electrician can provide information about the different types available and help the homeowner find one that will rapidly charge the vehicle without being out of their budget. 

Smoke Detector Installation

Smoke detectors are crucial in a home. They should be checked and tested regularly and updated at least once every ten years. If the smoke detectors in the home aren’t working, if there aren’t enough, or if a homeowner would like to upgrade, an electrician can help. New smoke detectors are hard-wired into the home and can work together, so if one goes off, they go off throughout the home. This helps to make sure they’re heard, and everyone can get out of the time, helping to prevent deaths if there is a fire in the home. Every second counts, so having smoke detectors that work and that can alert everyone in the home to a potential fire is crucial. Carbon monoxide detectors can also be installed where needed to provide peace of mind that the home is safe. 

Homeowners today rely on electricity more than they ever have before. When new fixtures are available, or something needs to be repaired, calling an electrician near me may be crucial. MZ Electric offers a variety of electrical services designed to make sure homeowners have all the power they need and to reduce the risk of anything catastrophic happening, like a fire. If you’re in need of new installations or something isn’t working right, and you need help with repairs, call MZ Electric now.