Smoke Detector Installation & Replacement

For the past several decades, smoke detectors have been an important safety tool in most American homes. Though the technology was originally considered an investment, installing and maintaining a working smoke detector is now highly affordable for homeowners across the nation. 

Today, consumers can pick between various brands, designs, functionalities, and features.

Though smoke detectors are affordable and accessible to all these days, it’s important to have some basic information about these lifesaving devices before you introduce them into your Littleton, CO, home. 

Here’s how MZ Electric can help you with smoke detector installation and smoke detector replacement services.

How We Plan Your Smoke Detector Installation

Before installing a smoke detector, we consider all of the options一photoelectric, ionization, or a combination of the two. We also take into account how many devices you want and where you want them. 


If your danger of smoke inhalation is low, you may be happy with a more affordable ionization smoke detector. However, photoelectric and combination models often yield better results.


Determine how many smoke detectors you’ll need to protect your home, keeping in mind that each floor of your home should have at least one. 

It’s also important that each sleeping area has a smoke detector inside and outside. 


Try not to install a smoke detector within three feet of a bathroom or kitchen to avoid false alarms. It’s also best to place your detectors on ceilings so that they can more easily register rising smoke and heat.

If you’d like to optimize your home’s fire protection, our team at MZ Electric recommends installing an interconnected smoke detector system rather than several individual detectors powered by batteries. This way, your entire home system will turn on when one device detects a fire, which will help your entire household evacuate faster in the event of an emergency. 

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Interconnected Smoke Detector Systems

As you’re considering installing additional smoke detectors into your home to increase the safety of your family and belongings, it’s important to note the distinct benefits of an interconnected system of smoke detectors. Let’s explore some of these benefits and how they affect the right choice for your smoke detector installation. 

If a fire should occur in or around your home, a timely response is crucial to getting out safely and possibly saving some of your treasured belongings. Independently functioning smoke detectors may provide conflicting reactions to stimuli, leading to confusion in the home and the potential for damage or injury. 

An interconnected system will make the presence of danger known throughout your home, allowing you the peace of mind and protection that you deserve.

Interconnected smoke detector systems also come in a variety of installation styles, including both direct wiring into your home’s electrical mainframe as well as wireless options. 

Both smoke detector system approaches are quick and easy to install with the help of a licensed professional. Plus, wireless options can continue to keep your family safe should a power outage occur. 

When the smoke detectors in your home are not working together to keep your entire property safe, there’s a much greater margin of error at play. This margin of error could mean damage to your home, loss of property, and even injury to your loved ones. 

An interconnected system of smoke detectors is the best way to protect your home and family from fire damage.

Our Installation Process

Whether you’d like to install a whole-house smoke detector system for optimal safety and effectiveness or simply add a few additional smoke detectors to your home after a remodel or new addition, our team at MZ Electric is here to help. 

Our technicians are highly trained, professional, and friendly to boot, making your smoke detector installation process quick and easy. 

Our process has three phases:


Once your MZ Electric technician arrives at your home, you’ll determine together where your smoke detectors should go before we install the mounting bracket. 


Your technician will tap the mounting bracket’s plastic anchors into position and screw the mounting bracket into the anchors. After installing this bracket, the smoke detector can easily twist into place after adding the necessary batteries or complex wiring. Plus, removal for battery replacement will also be a breeze in the future.


Once your smoke detector is successfully installed, it’s time to put it to the test. That includes checking for functionality signs, such as illuminated lights on the device. We’ll also test the alarm. 

Your model should come with a test button, too. Your MZ Electric technician will use this feature to ensure the device is testable for the future. We’ll also teach you how to use the button to ensure you can successfully protect your home. 

When to Replace Your Device

There is no such thing as repairing a smoke detector. That’s why maintaining a functioning smoke detection system is extremely important. And once your smoke detector’s time is up (FEMA mandates replacement every ten years), you can call us! 

Wear and Tear

These devices do experience wear and tear. If your device needs to be replaced sooner than the ten-year mark, it will alert your household with some kind of auditory signal, such as a beep. These signals are repetitive (and annoying) to encourage timely replacement.


If you’re unsure when your home’s existing smoke detectors got installed, you can check for a manufacture date on the device’s underside by removing it from the mounting bracket. If more than ten years have passed since the date printed on the device, it’s time for a smoke detector replacement. Smoke detectors will also often turn from white to yellow once they’re old and expired.

Can I DIY This Project?

The short answer is no. We do not advise any of our customers to attempt electrical DIY work, especially with a device that’s so important to your safety. Instead, hire a licensed electrician from MZ Electric to get the job done right if you’re opting for a hard-wired smoke detector system for increased inter-home connection and fire protection in Littleton, CO.

Why can’t you do it yourself? Here are some reasons:

Electricity Can Be a Hazard

Electrical wiring can be delicate and dangerous for the inexperienced homeowner. A professional from the MZ Electric team will guide you through the process with ease and make sure your smoke detector installation gets performed correctly. 

Local Rules and Regulations 

Our licensed electricians are aware of the city’s latest regulations and codes so that you can make sure your new system is compliant. Even for battery-powered devices, one of our electricians can advise you on precisely where to install your smoke detectors for optimum safety throughout your home. 

It’s Light Duty for MZ Electric!

Book an appointment with a high-quality Denver electrician at MZ Electric and make sure your home’s ready for anything.