Light Ballast Replacement in Littleton, CO

If the fluorescent lighting in your home or business is giving you trouble, it may be time for a ballast replacement. At MZ Electric, our professional electricians will assess your current lighting setup and install the proper ballast to keep your lights running smoothly.

Most fluorescent lights require the help of a ballast to operate. Our light ballast replacement will keep the proper voltage flowing to your lights, preventing overheating, flickering, buzzing, and more. 

Family-owned and serving the area since 2009, your satisfaction is our number one priority. Whether you need new outlets or a light ballast replacement, MZ Electric can take care of it all.

Full-Service Light Ballast Replacement

Our licensed technicians provide full-service ballast replacement for all of your lights. A ballast is a device that regulates the amount of voltage in a circuit. Lighting ballasts take the incoming electricity and lower or raise the voltage to the exact standards needed for your light.

Without a properly working ballast, your fluorescent lights would overheat and burn out as soon as they were turned on. If you notice your ballast is beginning to go bad, it’s important to have it replaced by a professional electrician to prevent any potential damage to your bulbs.

Magnetic Ballast

The older of the two ballast technologies, these ballasts were previously the only option for fluorescent lighting. These ballasts are often the cause of buzzing or flickering lights due to the intermittent way they regulate electricity flow.

Electronic Ballast

The newest ballast technology, and typically the only type used for any new installs. These ballasts can put out multiple electricity frequencies and prevent any buzzing or flickering, making them the ideal option for lighting. 

It is quite simple for a professional electrician to replace your magnetic ballast with a new electronic version, making it a worthwhile investment for your building.

Signs You May Need a New Ballast

With many electronic devices, it is impossible to tell anything is wrong until it’s too late. This confusion isn’t the case for ballasts. You can spot the warning signs in advance of the ballast dying, giving you time for a professional light ballast replacement that will keep you out of the dark.

Many warning signs could mean a light ballast replacement is needed, including:

Multiple Lights Out

Having one light that is out is most likely just a dead bulb. Try replacing that bulb, and if it works again, you are good to go. However, if you notice an entire section of your lights has gone out, this could indicate a ballast issue affecting that section.


A classic warning sign that a fluorescent light is going out is the buzzing noise. If you notice buzzing coming from either the bulbs or the fixture, it’s likely that your ballast is going bad and will need replacement.

Flickering Light

Although a flickering light may signify that the bulb is bad, it is also a potential indicator of a bad ballast. You may notice occasional flickering of the light or even that the lights become dimmer and dimmer over time. Call a professional electrician like MZ Electric to inspect your system if this performance degradation affects more than one bulb.

Enlarged Casing

If you notice the casing for your ballast or light fixture has become swollen, it’s likely that your ballast has already gone bad. The cause of the swelling is an overload of energy that has damaged and potentially destroyed your ballast. Call a professional today to investigate the swelling. 


Scorching is a significant problem that you should take seriously. If you open the ballast and see burn marks on the device or any wiring, a light ballast replacement is needed immediately. If it hasn’t done so already, this could cause damage to all of your light bulbs, so quick replacement is key.

Energy Efficient Light Ballast Replacement

Having the experts at MZ Electric replace your ballasts is not just a remedy for broken ballasts. With improvements in technology, new high-efficiency ballasts can greatly reduce your electricity usage. A professional electrician can easily replace standard ballasts with their high-efficiency equivalents, saving you money on your electric bill. 

Moving from older magnetic ballasts to new electronic ballasts is also a great way to improve efficiency. Studies show that electronic ballasts are about 12% more efficient than traditional magnetic ballasts. Whether your home or business is big or small, the savings will quickly add up.

Choose MZ Electric for Your Light Ballast Replacement

Having been in the Littleton and Denver, CO, area since 2009, we are the area’s preferred provider of all electrical services. Whether you need a full rewiring of your home, fixture installation, routine maintenance, or light ballast replacement — we have the knowledge, expertise, and people for the job.

Our technicians are all licensed and trained in all aspects of residential electricity. We are proud to offer great service at prices that are affordable for any budget. If you are a teacher, military member, or senior, we offer further discounts.

Don’t waste your time searching the web for “electricians near me.” Call MZ Electric today to schedule your light ballast replacement.