Electrical Outlet Services in Littleton, CO

While the rest of your electrical system is hidden behind the walls of your home, your outlets are on the outside making this electricity available to you. They are in use every day so they should always be kept in good condition. At MZ Electric, we install and repair electrical outlets in Littleton. When you need to upgrade your outlets or one of your outlets has stopped working, give us a call.

Electrical Outlets That We Service:

Many of the outlets found in homes today are standard three-prong outlets. However, our services are extended to other special types of outlets as well. In addition to standard outlets, we provide electrical outlet installation for these outlets and more.

GFCI Outlets

The combination of moisture and electricity can be deadly. A solution is needed for areas that are near water in the home such as the kitchen or bathroom. GFCI outlets are designed to interrupt the flow of electricity when it senses power flowing through water or anything else other than the intended wires. The NEC requires GFCI outlet installation in certain rooms, so if you notice that you don’t have them in your bathroom or kitchen, you can call us to upgrade your system and keep it up to code. You should also test your GFCI outlets every month and call us if they do not function properly.

AFCI Outlets

AFCI outlets, or arc-fault circuit interrupters, are an important protection for your home that prevents fire or electrocution incidents when damage has occurred to the wire. When there is an arc, the AFCI automatically shuts off power to the outlet. This protection can give you peace of mind as you complete remodeling projects or even nail a picture to the wall. These outlets are necessary for bedrooms or other rooms where people are sleeping, as well as kitchens and laundry rooms.

USB Outlets

Many of our most important devices use USB cables rather than standard plugs, which necessitates the constant use of adapters. If you want to skip the adapter and plug your device directly into the wall, you can invest in USB outlets. Many of our customers request USB outlet installation in bedrooms, kitchens, or other areas where electronics are frequently used.

20A Outlets

If your circuit rating is 20 amps or more, you may be able to upgrade your 15A receptacle to a 20A outlet to accommodate appliances with more electrical consumption. When one of your circuits is tripping frequently, installing this type of outlet can help.

Smart Outlets

If you want to be able to control your electronic devices and lights from your phone or other smart devices, smart outlets can provide a great solution for you. We can improve the convenience of your home through smart outlet installation and repair in the Littleton area.

Common Outlet Problems

At MZ Electric, we strive to make electrical outlet repair a simple and affordable process for each of our customers. As you use your outlets every day, you should always be paying attention to how they are working and call as soon as you notice something wrong. When an outlet gets old or has a problem, you may be able to tell by paying attention to these common problems.

3. Seeing Sparks

While some sparking can be normal when plugging in a device, it should always be something that you pay attention to make sure that there is not something wrong with the outlet. Tiny blue sparks that quickly come and go may not be cause for concern, but a spark that is yellow or white, lasts longer or smells like something is burning or melting, you will want to stop using that outlet, turn the circuit breaker to the “off” position, and call our electrical repair services.

2. Overheating Problems

Overheating can be a dangerous problem that can cause a fire in your home. This problem is usually accompanied by a hot smell like something is burning, or the smell of burning or melting plastic. Any type of smell coming from your outlets should be investigated by a licensed electrician near me. Overheating can also cause tripped breakers, so be sure to let us know if one of your circuits is tripping regularly.

1. Loose Outlets

Your plugs should be able to fit firmly in the outlets and stay there without falling out. If you plug a device into the wall and then watch as it falls back out of the outlet, this means that you need outlet replacements. This is a simple repair for our experienced team that can be done quickly, so give us a call.

Trust MZ Electric – Your Trusted Littleton Electrician.

We love the community in Littleton, and we want to do what we can to make neighborhoods safer. Our contribution is trustworthy electrical services and transparent prices. We are here for you whether you need a simple outlet cover replacement or outlet upgrades in every room of the house. To make your electricity more accessible and your home more protected, call MZ Electric today.