Professional Electrician Services in Littleton, CO

MZ Electric is fully licensed to provide peerless electrical services for your home, including electrical troubleshooting, inspections, repairs, and installation. If it runs on electricity, we can install it, diagnose it, maintain it, or fix it.

Modern homes that depend on electricity can really be inconvenienced when there is something wrong with their electrical system. From being able to see in the dark, to powering gadgets, to running appliances, electricity is profoundly essential to a well-working home. When an electrical system has a problem, it can have an impact on multiple home areas — many of which affect personal comfort.

Issues in household electricity are irritating, but they are also more than that. An electrical problem can also pose a risk and a safety hazard to the people living in the home. From the emitting of sparks to actual electrocution, an electrical issue isn’t anything a homeowner should ever try to fix on his or her own. That is why we depend on professional electricians to fix them safely so that we can have a well-lit and full-function home again.

Expert Electrician Services


Issues with your home’s electrical system can be mysterious and difficult to track down on your own. The problem might not be as simple as the lights not working or a specific outlet having no power. Our electricians will investigate the issue for you. Before long, the problem will be identified and promptly fixed.


To keep your home safe and code compliant, we recommend scheduling annual electrical safety inspections. When issues with your electrical system start, the symptoms might not present themselves for a while.

Frequently, when an electrical issue is noticeable, it’s already too late. At that point, your home might need expensive repairs.

The best way to reduce the risk to your electrical system and home is to get ahead of any potential issues. Our electricians will perform thorough electrical safety inspections to ensure no problems are building up without your notice.

Electrical Repairs

Over time, wiring can degrade, connections can loosen, and fixtures can wear out. Even when it comes to your home’s electrical system, nothing lasts forever.

Call MZ Electrical right away if you ever notice anything different or wrong with any part of your electrical system. Whether your electrical panel is sparking or a light switch doesn’t work, our electricians can repair your home’s electrical components quickly and efficiently.


Reliable electrical installation services can be hard to find in Denver, CO. Your home can’t afford an electrician who takes shortcuts. Instead, you should choose an electrical service provider with a singular dedication to quality and dependability.

MZ Electric installs outlets, switches, ceiling fans, smoke detectors, lighting fixtures, whole house surge protectors, and more. Our licensed electricians don’t take shortcuts, and we can work with any budget and offer convenient financing options.

Electrical Panel Upgrades and Service

Your electrical panel is one of the most important components of your home. MZ Electric can upgrade, install, maintain, and replace your home’s electrical panel so your home can grow with your electrical needs.

Upgrades / Installation / Replacement

Your home’s electrical panel is its heart. It determines how many devices and appliances you can safely use. If your electrical panel can’t support your home’s electrical demands, it can become overloaded and unstable.

When your electrical panel isn’t up to the task, our licensed electricians can help you select an appropriately powerful electrical panel for your home’s needs and install it quickly and professionally.


Because your electrical panel is so important to your home’s functionality, every homeowner must look after the health of their electrical panel. Older panels, especially, struggle to keep up with the demand of modern homes and wear out faster.

To ensure your electrical panel is functioning properly and safely, we recommend regular inspection and maintenance performed by one of our licensed electricians.


When your electrical panel is damaged, you’ll notice it throughout the home. Some of your electrical systems might not work properly or as you would expect. You might pick up a burning smell in the air or hear unusual sounds coming from your panel.

If your electrical panel feels warm or seems to be tripping more often, you might need repairs. Call MZ Electric, and our licensed electricians will get it fixed.

EV Car Charger Installation in Denver, CO

Electric vehicles are becoming one of the most ethical and cost-effective ways to get around. If you own an electric vehicle, you know that it’s not just a car but a lifestyle. You don’t take short trips to the gas station anymore. Instead, you have to cut out some time for a public charging station to keep your car fully charged.

To save money and time, our electricians can install an EV car charger in your home. You can charge your car while you sleep and always have its maximum range available when you leave the house.

Residential Lighting Services

If you’re hoping to bring your home’s lighting to the next level, MZ Electric is home to some of Denver, CO’s best lighting professionals. No matter how unique your vision is, we can make it a bright and beautiful reality.

Lighting Installation

The electricians at MZ Electric are fully licensed to provide the latest innovations in lighting installation and design. We install all lighting, including track systems, fluorescent lights, chandeliers, ceiling fans, and more.

We can help transform any room in your home into a beautifully lit living space. No matter how simple or complex your ideal lighting is, we can make it happen.

Lighting Repair

Whether your home needs a full retrofit or simple replacement, our electricians are licensed and trained to fix any lighting issues. We can improve insufficient lighting and identify root issues in even the most complex lighting systems.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans are a simple, cost-effective way of keeping the air moving throughout your home. Not sure where to start? We encourage you to shop for your favorite ceiling fan – they come in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes to match your home’s design motifs. Next? Call your trusted team of professional electricians in the Denver area. We’ll help you install a new ceiling fan, replace an existing one, or even help you remodel.

Our electricians can install your ideal ceiling fan in any height or type of ceiling. If there wasn’t previously existing lighting where you want your new fan, that’s not a problem.

LED Wafer Lights

For a more contemporary look, we can install low-profile LED wafer lights in any space. LED wafer lights offer a minimalist design to produce a super bright white light perfect for reading or a softer light for a more welcoming space. Learn about LED Wafer lights here.

Recessed / Can Lighting

If you’re looking for a more sleek and versatile lighting solution, we can install recessed lights wherever you need them. Recessed lights, or can lights, shine straight down to create an ambient glow in any space.

Because they’re flush with the ceiling, they remove visual clutter, as you don’t have to worry about anything hanging from your ceiling.

Indoor / Outdoor Lighting

The electricians at MZ Electric are the most experienced lighting design professionals in the greater Denver, CO, area. We can help you boost your home’s curb appeal, create exciting entertainment areas, and liven up your landscape, deck, or patio. If you have a specific idea in mind, let us know. We can make it happen.

Light Ballast Installation / Replacement

If your home office needs reliable fluorescent lighting, we can properly install or replace light ballasts. Our light ballasts last about 20 years. When your fluorescent light begins to flicker or hum, your ballasts may be old and need replacing.

Around-The-Home Electrical Services

MZ Electric provides comprehensive around-the-home electrical services, including installing, replacing, and repairing light switches, outlets, exhaust fans, and more.

Light Switch Replacement / Repair / Installation

If a room in your home has faulty light switches or could use a few more, MZ Electric replaces, repairs, and installs light switches of any kind. From simple on/off switches to customizable dimmers, we can help make any room more functional.

We also install push-button switches, motion-activated switches, sound-activated switches, selector switches, photo-electric switches, and smart switches.

Outlets – GFCI, Smart Outlets, Replacement

Get the most out of your home with the right kind of outlet. We install and replace standard three-prong outlets, GFCI outlets, AFCI outlets, USB outlets, 20A outlets, and smart outlets.

If a room could use a few more outlets to make your life more convenient, we can do it. If your home needs GFCI or AFCI outlets to comply with building codes, or you simply want to improve your safety, we can help. If you want to control lights and devices from your phone, we can install smart outlets for remote control.

Exhaust Fan Installation / Replacement

If your bathroom, kitchen, or garage needs help removing smoke and odors, we install anew and replace residential exhaust fans. Exhaust fans are one of the best ways to improve your indoor air quality and care for you and your home. Whether you’re preparing a smoky dinner or just taking a steamy shower, an exhaust fan can remove offending particles from the air and safely expel them from your home.

Electrical Safety Inspections

When your electrical system starts to wear out, you might notice problems all around the house. Light switches might not work correctly, and outlets might spark or feel warm. These are just symptoms of a deeper problem hidden in the walls of your home.

Because electrical problems are difficult to spot early on, it’s always a good idea to schedule regular electrical safety inspections. MZ Electric will thoroughly inspect your electrical system for any emerging issues and ensure your safety.

Why Hire A Local Electrician?

Professional electricians are certified to do any electrical work in a home. No matter the age of your home, these experts know everything that is related to your electricity there. Your electrical may not be up to code anymore if it has not been inspected by an electrician.

An electrician is highly experienced in rewiring homes with advanced technology to prevent past harmful incidents. Modern electricity could also be more effective than old electricity, so when modern cables are installed the energy bill will not be that high.

Electricians do far more than the total rewiring of a house. They handle plenty of small jobs and are capable of installing and repairing “smart” technology. They can help bring your household into the twenty-first century by installing smart-home technology. Apart from durability, smart lights also come in various kinds with dimming and color-changing capabilities. You can even use the smart-home voice-activated speaker without any need to get out of the bed or off the couch to adjust your lighting system.

It is easy to switch if you have a smart speaker already. Homeowners are currently installing popular devices like smart outlets, fans, doorbells, and thermostats in their homes. There is no need to have any invasive demolition or construction to merge these technologies into any household. If you’re interested in smart-home devices, call your local electrician for a cost estimate.

No matter the type of electrical problem that you have at home, it will often become worse when you try to repair it yourself. Those new to electric work moreover may not take the proper safety measures when endeavoring to fix something on their own. It’s much safer and can save a lot of time if the homeowner will call a local electrician instead of working on it themselves. This is because an electrician knows how to do any electrical job safely and do it in a way that meets customer satisfaction.

Your electrician may be able to help with any of the following electrician services:

  • Security Devices
  • Solar, Motion Sensors
  • Meter Bases
  • Switches
  • Generators
  • Lighting
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Outlets
  • Electrical Panels
  • Surge Protection
  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Exhaust Fans

In the event that your house is older and it’s never been checked by an electrician, you may need to plan an electrical security review to perceive what may require an overhaul. Older electrical work and gadgets might be considered dangerous and could be putting your family in danger of electrical shock, fires, or other risks. If you upgrade now you can help to ward off any larger issues in the future, plus it will make your home more marketable in the event you plan to sell it in the future.

If you are thinking of purchasing or recently bought a house, it is recommended that you have it checked by a professional electrician to make sure everything is working well and has been installed safely. Investing in some electrical upgrades is a smart move when buying or selling a home, if for no other reason than peace of mind.

A professional electrician can offer services like outdoor/indoor wiring, new construction, installations, retrofitting, and repairs. Regardless of what sort of electrical work you are searching for, an expert can assess, analyze, fix, or replace pretty much whatever has to do with electrical power in the home. If you want a quick and safe service, call a professional electrician in your local area.

There are many times when electricians arrive on the scene with a truck that is fully stocked with electrical materials and tools. Thus there is no reason for you to endure another day of living in a home with unsafe wiring or faulty electricity. You need to make a call to your local electrician to have an appointment set. The sooner your electrical issues are addressed, the sooner you can breathe easy, knowing that your home and your family are safe.

Denver’s Trusted Electrician

The community of Denver, CO, is close to our hearts. Your team of local, friendly, professional electricians is proud to serve our neighbors in Denver and surrounding communities. By contributing trustworthy electrical services and transparent pricing, we promise to always provide the utmost quality workmanship. To schedule service and improve your electrical systems at home, call MZ Electric today.