Electrical Panel Installation Services Littleton, CO

Your electrical panel is the heartbeat of your home! Many panels installed prior to the turn of the century cannot accommodate today’s power needs. Are you planning a remodel? Do you want to add a hot tub or sauna, an electrical vehicle, a workshop, an additional microwave, or a laundry room? MZ Electric will upgrade your panel to 200 amps to keep that heartbeat strong and steady for decades to come! The purpose of your home’s electrical panel also called a breaker box is to bring electricity from the electric company into your home and regulate how much of it is supplied to the individual circuits. If your electrical panel is on the fritz, many systems in your home will be affected. If you need to reset your breakers often or you notice that some outlets are not working, you should call an expert electrician to check that out. They can repair and install these panels to bring homes back to normalcy.

Your home’s electrical panel may be situated in a utility closet, your garage, or outside on an exterior wall. There are always emergency situations that you should be prepared for. This means if you own a home you should know where the panels are kept and you should also be able to understand exactly what the panels do and how to use them. There are ages of panels and even brands of it that are not recommended to be used because they are no longer safe. If you are uncertain as to your panel’s age, or if you reside in an older house, it would be very smart to have an electrician perform an inspection to make sure everything is up to code.

When should you replace your electrical panel?

The flow of electricity is controlled by circuit breakers. If a circuit is overloaded, the electricity flow will be stopped by the breaker. Homeowners with multiple appliances running simultaneously in the same circuit are most likely to experience this. But it is very easy to solve this problem and one can do it by just resetting the breaker.

However, if this happens on a regular basis, it might be a good idea to get a service professional to replace your panel with an updated one that will meet your needs. If there is only one breaker that is tripping, then the fault might be with the breaker rather than the system, and replacing that breaker will fix the problem.

When your electrical panel gets to the point that you’re replacing breakers frequently, it’s a good bet that the entire panel needs to be replaced. If your panel has different brands or colored breakers, that is a sign that they have been replaced if you’re not certain of the history of your panel.

When you are having a replacement of an appliance there must be an electrician there to make sure that it has compatibility with the electrical panel that you have. This is more important when the new appliance needs more power than the old one. If your electrical panel won’t be able to fully support this new appliance then you will have to get a new panel then.

In newer homes, the electrical panel is equipped with AFCI outlets as protection against electrical arcing, which is a common cause of electrical fires. This security feature may not be included in your panel was installed before 1999. Your home could be in danger if AFCI outlets are absent on the board or at the start of each circuit there.

An electrician is trained and capable of inspecting panels and outlets and can help in assessing your vulnerability. If there are no problems with your panel then they can install AFCI outlets in your home.

Any signs of rust or corrosion around your electrical panel are cause for concern because replacement may be required. A worn-out panel if not shielded appropriately, is always vulnerable to surges, fires, and other damages.

Other signs that your panel needs replacing include:

  • the panel is warm or hot to the touch
  • lights flickering when appliances are in use
  • melted electrical wires
  • burning smell coming from the panel
  • burn marks on panel or outlets
  • hissing
  • popping or other noises coming from the breaker box
  • appliances overheating quickly when plugged in

You need to contact a professional electrician if you notice that something strange is happening to your electricity. If you end up overloading your circuit, you could end up killing anything you plug into it. Ignoring signs of a faulty panel can end up costing a lot more and can be hazardous. Electric shocks and flames can occur because of a broken down the electrical board.

Electrical panels may last a good long while, but sooner or later they will show signs of wear and tear. For one thing, electrical wires are subject to fraying and deterioration of their insulating coating. One common problem is rodents that nibble on wires and disrupt the supply of power. Whatever may go wrong with your home’s electrical system, you can rely on a qualified electrician to diagnose and repair any problems.

Your electrical panel may require only a minor repair, or it might need to be replaced with a newer model. If it is required, your electrician can brief you about all of your options and your home can return to reliable electricity once again after the swift installation of a new panel.

Call a specialist today to check your home panel in order to keep your loved ones and appliances away from danger. This kind of panel should only be replaced or repaired by a certified electrician. Those who are not knowledgeable about electric work run the risk of causing more harm and even make them have a risk for serious injury. Electricians are knowledgeable in all kinds of electrical work and they can do this in a safe and quick way.