What Are the Benefits of an Electrical Panel Upgrade?What Are the Benefits of an Electrical Panel Upgrade?

While the energy efficiency of home appliances has increased dramatically in the last few years, modern homes use more electrical devices than ever before.

From HVAC systems and large kitchen appliances to lamps and laptops, your home’s electrical panel is expected to carry the load. But if your home is more than 20 years old, the existing panel may not be up to the task. Older panels simply weren’t built to handle the capacity of a modern lifestyle.

If you’ve been considering an upgrade, there’s no time like the present to get the job done. Only professional electricians like the team members at MZ Electric are qualified to do a panel upgrade. After all, it takes training and experience to make sure the project is completed safely.

How Do I Know Whether I Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade?

Also called the breaker box, service panel, or breaker panel, the electrical panel is responsible for distributing electricity through your home.

Electricity travels from your utility company through power lines to the meter on your home. The meter delivers the power to your breaker panel, which then sends it into the house through circuits.

When it’s functioning correctly, an electrical panel is something that homeowners don’t have to think about. But if the panel is no longer able to deliver an adequate amount of electricity to run all of your devices, you’ll likely notice some problems, including:

Blinking or Dimming Lights

A lack of amps can cause light fixtures and lamps to dim or blink off and on. Other electrical problems can also cause blinking lights. Contact an electrician if you’re experiencing this problem.

Breakers Keep Tripping

Does plugging in the waffle maker and running the dishwasher at the same time cause a breaker to trip? Not being able to use a reasonable amount of electrical appliances all at once is one of the most common signs that your panel needs an upgrade.

Scorch Marks or Melted Wiring

No, seeing scorch marks on the side of your electrical panel is not a sign of normal use. It is a sign you have a serious problem. If you feel heat or see smoke coming from your electrical panel, call the fire department immediately.

Signs of Rust or Corrosion

Water leaks can cause rust and corrosion to build up inside of the breaker box. If you see signs of rust on the outside of the panel, chances are good that there are problems inside, as well.

Even if you don’t encounter problems, there are a number of good reasons to upgrade your electrical panel, including:

  • Your house is over 20-years old
  • You are selling your home
  • You have or will be purchasing new major appliances
  • You have fewer than 200 amps of power
  • Your panel is not up to code
  • Your panel was poorly installed

Old or poorly installed electrical panels are more than an inconvenience. They pose a serious fire hazard. Even if you feel you can deal with tripping breakers and blinking lights, it’s not worth the risk to your family or property.

What Should I Expect from an Electrical Panel Upgrade?

A panel upgrade must be done by a trained and certified electrician. It is not a DIY job. However, for an experienced electrician, upgrading your home’s electrical panel is a straightforward task that can be completed in one service appointment once a permit has been secured.

The process begins with a thorough evaluation of your system and electrical needs. At that time, expect your technician to recommend options for upgrading or replacing the panel.

When the work has been completed, an inspection will be required before use. A full-service contractor like MZ Electric will take care of all necessary permits, as well as scheduling the inspection.

Benefits of an Electrical Panel Upgrade

Increased peace of mind is the number one benefit of having an electrical panel upgrade from a trusted professional. The technology of new panels provides excellent safety protection. You’ll no longer have to worry about an overloaded electrical panel becoming a major fire hazard in your home.

In addition to increased safety, you’ll also enjoy two more important benefits:

Room for Growth

With a fully upgraded electrical panel, you will be free to install that hot tub, build that addition, or install those new chef-quality kitchen appliances.

Improved Electrical Performance

Life will get a little easier with no more treks downstairs to deal with a tripped breaker. Your home will be safer and brighter with lighting that operates the way it should. You’ll even be able to make waffles and run the dishwasher at the same time!

Is There an Electrical Panel Upgrade Electrician Near Me?

MZ Electric serves the entire Denver Metro area. We are your full-service provider for residential electrical services. If it’s time for an electrical panel upgrade (or any other electrical services in your home), contact us today.

Our technicians are highly trained, licensed, and insured. MZ Electric has built its reputation on integrity, creativity, and experience. We look forward to putting those skills to work for you! Call us today on 303.933.9220