Benefits of Landscape Lighting & Garden Lights

Are you looking to upgrade your landscaping?

Landscape lighting can dramatically change the look and feel of your property. While there are many possible landscaping priorities, it pays not to overlook the lighting needs.

There are many potential benefits of landscape lighting and garden lights. Among other positive aspects, you can highlight the best features of your yard and increase the value of your property, explains Onsite Property Management Services.

A combination of exterior lighting solutions that have been placed strategically throughout your yard is a great way to upgrade your home. Now we are going to look at the various benefits more in-depth.

#1: Safety

Outdoor lighting isn’t only a matter of aesthetics. Proper illumination can turn your home into a safer place for your family, pets, friends, and any other guests coming over.

Lighting has multiple uses when it comes to providing safety for anyone moving around in the yard. For instance, you may utilize light posts along your walkways, paths, and driveway.

Cracked sidewalks, uneven ground, and dark stairways call for measures to make things brighter as well. When you have any high foot traffic areas, such as decks and outdoor seating areas, consider installing lights in these areas for extra safety.

Some homeowners feel safe without lighting because they always warn their guests about any dark areas. However, it’s important to remember that the owner is liable for any sort of accident that took place on their property.

Proper illumination can enhance the safety of passers-by too. There is always the risk that someone slips and falls close to your property. In this case, the person could sue you for the resultant damages. Good lighting can lower the chances of this happening.

#2: Appeal

If you want to boost the visual appeal of your home, a smart illumination solution is a great way to achieve your goal. You can completely change the look of your home with the use of strategic lighting.

Downlights work great for lighting the individual branches and the areas of your yard that are straight under the trees. When you aim to highlight certain architectural elements and details, you can utilize the power of wash and bullet lights for that.

You can put floodlights on your siding when the beam sweeps through any plants for a nice shadow effect. The same lights work great when you use these for patios, sitting areas, decks, and lawns. Just mount the floodlights from above for stunning results.

A dim feature is something you should consider as a homeowner. The brighter light works great when you have children or pets playing outdoors. Modest brightness can be used for romantic dinners or the creation of a unique ambiance for entertaining the guests.

To maximize the appeal of landscape lighting, you should reduce the associated glare. Similar to switching off high beams when driving past an oncoming vehicle, you should make sure the glare doesn’t directly hit anyone in your yard. Right positioning and glare guards help you easily achieve that.

#3: Security

Would you like to increase the security of your home? Looking into exterior lighting is a solid start. Most burglars prefer to conduct their job in the least illuminated conditions or complete darkness.

When your yard is adequately illuminated, you’ll find it easier to detect any intruders. Since lighting draws attention to your home, it’s more likely that your neighbors will spot someone lurking around in your yard.

Arriving at a home that has no landscape lighting may feel uncomfortable at times. Illumination helps you ensure that the perimeter of your home is safe. When you have guests coming over, they will feel that your home is more secure as well.

Another trick is to use light equipped with motion detectors. In this case, you’ll cut your energy bills while surprising the people who decide to trespass on your yard.

Since exterior lighting is a well-known deterrent for crime, you’ll enjoy reduced home insurance premiums. The lighting solution may have a similar effect on your insurance premium as deadbolts and security cameras.

In a Nutshell: Landscape Lighting & Garden Lights

There are many ways you can upgrade your landscaping. One of the most effective changes you can make is purchasing and installing garden lights and landscape lighting solutions. The added illumination comes with three significant benefits.

You’ll improve the aesthetics and general look of your home. The added curb appeal can raise the value of your property. Additionally, anyone walking around the yard will benefit from improved safety. The risk of court claims due to slips and falls drops instantly.

Finally, you will get to enjoy a more secure property. Since burglars prefer dark homes to hide their criminal activities, adding a bit of extra light most often will help prevent crime. If you’re interested in landscape lighting consultation services or need a professional electrician in the Denver, CO, community to take care of installation or replacement, give MZ Electric a call, or send us a message today. We can’t wait to serve you!