Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation Near Littleton, CO

Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas that lacks color and odor, making it hard to detect and very dangerous. When inhaled, carbon monoxide diminishes the oxygen that typically travels to your heart and your brain. After just a minute, you may feel light-headed, pass out, or start convulsing. This makes carbon monoxide detectors essential in your home, so there is no guesswork when hazardous gas is present, and you can get out of the area safely.

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How Does Carbon Monoxide Enter Your Home?

Carbon monoxide enters your home through burned materials, like gas, wood, propane, coal, and oil. In your home, this can be from appliances like your kitchen stove, clothes’ dryer, fireplaces, grills, furnaces, boilers, generators, and water heaters. Proper professional ventilation is necessary in your home to counteract the production of carbon monoxide.

In addition, a garage that is attached to your home is more susceptible to CO poisoning. While cold mornings can persuade you to heat up your car in the garage, this can lead to a dangerous carbon monoxide build-up. It’s safer to pull out into the driveway to provide some fresh air, and to get your car checked regularly for CO related exhaust issues.

Why is Carbon Monoxide Harmful?

In addition to reducing your blood’s ability to deliver oxygen to your body’s vital organs, carbon monoxide is more quickly damaging to people with compromised immune systems. If you suffer from cardiovascular disease, anemia, or respiratory issues, you are most susceptible to carbon monoxide poisoning. Babies and elderly family members also have a heightened risk.

Having your local electrician install a carbon monoxide detector is your best defense against CO poisoning. The process is typically quick and minimally invasive to your home’s wiring, but this simple addition can save you and your family’s life. MZ Electric is the respected Ken Caryl electrician. Our installations are always completed with safety and precision at the forefront.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Because carbon monoxide is so hard to detect without the proper equipment in your home, it can be hard to tell it’s there until you experience physical symptoms. Sometimes, physical symptoms don’t show up at all until it’s too late, making a carbon monoxide detector in your home all the more important for early detection and safety measures.

Listed below are some symptoms you shouldn’t write off as a common cold or the flu if you’ve recently been around burned materials or combustion appliances. If you experience these symptoms in your home, immediately call emergency services and a trained electrician to make sure your home and family are safe.


Carbon monoxide can cause deadly symptoms quickly, depending on how concentrated it is in your home. This may mean you have an hour to two at most to act. Highly concentrated CO may cause strong systems even within five minutes of exposure, so if you think you’re in a CO-infested area, you should immediately leave your home.

  • Persistent headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Sudden sleepiness or weakness
  • Chest and muscle pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Halted breathing
  • Confusion
  • Vomiting

Should You Install Your Own Carbon Monoxide Detector?

When it comes to installing a carbon monoxide detector, trust your local electrician instead of messing with dangerous wiring on your own. Your home’s electrical system is a vital part of its functioning. However, if it is mishandled, it can cause electrocution and electrical fires, the most common type of household fire. It’s not worth taking the risk without professional help.

Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation

One common mistake when homeowners attempt to install carbon monoxide detectors on their own is putting them in the wrong area of your home. For example, smoke detectors are typically raised above doorways because smoke rises. However, carbon monoxide evenly distributes through your home and should be placed below your chest and above your knee.

Carbon monoxide detectors should be installed in areas where they are visible and won’t be tampered with by pets or children. Concealing them behind household decor will reduce their effectiveness and leave you susceptible to undetected carbon monoxide. Our Ken Caryl electrician services will ensure everything is installed correctly, and you’re aware of any risks.

MZ Electric is Your Trusted Ken Caryl Electrician

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