Light Switch Repair Professionals Near Littleton, CO

Light switches are generally simple devices – flip them to turn the lights on and flip them again to turn the lights off. What if the lights don’t turn on or off, though? If there isn’t a power outage and the light switch doesn’t turn the lights on or off, it’s likely due to a broken switch. A professional lighting service will be needed to switch out the faulty switch so the lights can work properly once more. 

When a Light Switch Doesn’t Work

Light switches are relatively basic. There is a circuit that runs throughout the home providing electricity where it’s needed. When a light switch is flipped, this circuit is broken, so the lights turn off. When it’s flipped again, the circuit is restored, allowing the lights to receive power and turn on. For residential lighting, there can be a single switch that operates the lights in the room or multiple switches, depending on the home’s layout and design. 

When a light switch is blocked from being able to interrupt the circuit or allow it to connect again, the lights in the room won’t work. In most cases, the room will be left in the dark because the switch can’t allow the circuit to reconnect. This commonly, but not always, happens with older switches that are starting to wear out. Replacing them is all that’s needed to turn the lights on again. 

When to Call an Electrician for Help

If a light switch isn’t working, is it easy to replace? Yes and no. The actual act of replacing the switch isn’t difficult, but there are serious hazards that make this a job best left to the pros. At best, the switch may not be installed correctly, so the lights still won’t work. Unfortunately, a faulty installation can also lead to a fire, and it may not happen immediately after the switch is installed. It could happen days or weeks after the installation, depending on the severity of the issues with the installation. On top of this, working on electricity is inherently dangerous due to the risk of shock or electrocution. Homeowners are always advised to seek professional assistance when light switches aren’t working correctly. 

Steps Used to Repair a Light Switch

Though there are various types of light switches, the basic steps for light switch repair are similar. The power to the room needs to be turned off, allowing for the job to be done safely. It is crucial to check that the power is actually off, as electrical problems could still allow power if the breaker is flipped. The faceplate can then be removed, and the switch can be disconnected from the wall.

The wiring may need to be cut and stripped to enable a safe installation on the new switch. It is vital to make sure the wires are connected to the proper location on the new switch. There are typically three wires for a light switch, but three-way or other types of switches may have more. After the new switch is connected, it can be placed back in the wall, and the faceplate can be reinstalled. The power can then be restored, and the switch can be tested to ensure it works correctly. 

Options for Light Switch Replacements

Basic light switches are inexpensive and work well. They’re the most common type of light switch found in homes today and can be a rocker or standard switch. On top of this, it’s possible to install a dimmer switch in most areas. Many homeowners today may also consider installing a smart switch for the most-used light switches in the home. 

Instead of walking through the home and turning off all of the lights at night, it can be done from a smartphone or a smart assistant like Alexa or Google Home. This makes controlling the lights in the home a lot easier. Though these switches are a little more expensive to purchase, the convenience may be worth it. 

Why Call Us for Help?

When you’re looking for a nearby electrician because a light switch has stopped working, MZ Electric is available to help. Our team is highly trained and experienced, so we can replace the light switch safely and ensure it’s ready for use once we’re done. On top of replacing switches that have stopped working, we can install smart switches to make life a little more convenient, upgrade the switch to a dimmer switch, or help with other electrical concerns throughout the house. Years of experience enable us to make sure you’re happy with any electrical work done on your home, including light switches. 

Light switches might not be something you think about until they don’t work as expected. If one has stopped working and it’s not possible to turn on the lights in the room, a Littleton electrician can fix it for you fast. At MZ Electric, we offer professional services to meet your needs and can have your light switch replaced or upgraded fast. Contact us today to learn more.