Fixing Your Home’s Loose Electrical Outlet

Loose electrical outlets can be both frustrating to deal with and dangerous. Ignoring the problem can lead to more than simple inefficiencies. It can cause serious issues like electrical fires behind your walls, putting your home and family at risk. To ensure your electrical outlets are safe and running properly, it’s important to have a professional regularly inspect them.

During a regular inspection, electricians can pinpoint the source of your outlet issues and get your system back up and running efficiently. In addition, work completed by licensed electricians ensures that everything is conducted safely and up to code. Our experts at MZ Electric, compiled information on loose outlets, so you can understand what you’re dealing with and ways you can avoid loose outlets and their related issues in the future.

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What Are Loose Outlets?

Outlets become loose when their exterior components wear out or the wires separate behind them. Typically, when your outlets become loose, they will no longer hold plugs in place and may even stop working altogether. If your electrical panel is too far from specific outlets, it can also make them wear out early and fail to work. 

How Do I Know if My Outlets Are Loose?

Along with outlets that are visibly moving or dead, you can tell outlets are loose by a few other signs. If your outlet is sparking, has burn marks, or has frayed wires, it indicates your outlet is likely loose and working inefficiently. If you notice any of these signs, you should call a professional, so they can make sure your home isn’t hazardous.

How to Avoid Hazardous Loose Outlets

Since the results can be damaging and dangerous, it’s essential to take precautions to protect your home and family from hazardous loose outlets. Listed below are some ways you can keep your outlets safe and working correctly, including being gentle with them, switching to safer outlet materials, seeking regular maintenance, and installing extra outlets.

Be Gentle With Your Outlets

A simple way you can protect your outlets at home is to be gentle with them. Shoving plugs into your outlet and pulling them out harshly can damage the integrity of your unit. Being gentle with the exterior components of your outlet helps keep things running smoothly behind them as well.

Install AFCI or GFCI outlets

Another major concern when it comes to loose outlets is arcing. Loose electrical connections cause arcing, which leads to extreme heat in your outlet, causing sparks and potential shocks or fires. To avoid arcing dangers, installing new outlets can help save your life.

AFCI outlets and GFCI outlets both cut down on dangers. Specifically, AFCI outlets address the issue of arcing, shutting off when they detect an electrical arc fault. GFCI outlets are especially useful in areas of your home that are near water, protecting your family from electrical shock.

Seek Regular Maintenance and Outlet Repair

Regular maintenance on your electrical system helps catch any issues or inefficiencies that require repairs or replacements. Typically, professional electricians inspect residential electrical systems once a year. During this inspection, electricians will test your outlet functions to ensure they are working properly and aren’t hazardous to your home or family.

Install Extra Outlets

While it may seem counterintuitive that extra outlets can help your current ones, extra outlets help to spread out your home’s electrical load. This helps your current outlets work more efficiently and cuts down the chance that you will have issues that need electrical repair. 

Should I Fix Outlets Myself?

Electrical work can be very dangerous because it has the potential to cause electrocutions and electrical fires. With electrical fires being the main cause of yearly home fires, it’s important to take all precautions to avoid them. Electrical work should always be handled by a professional who has experience completing dangerous wire and installation work safely. 

Even if problems don’t occur instantly with at-home electrical work, faulty wiring can lead to hidden, serious problems in the future.  In addition to making things safer, new wiring can increase your home’s value. Trained electricians can evaluate your electrical system and tend to any repairs or re-wiring projects.

Outlet Repair From a Dependable Electrician

When you require outlet repair or replacement services, don’t hesitate to call MZ Electric, the dependable electrician in Littleton and Highlands Ranch, CO. Our electrical repair and outlet repair services will keep your home and your family safe from electrical shock and fires. All of our projects are conducted with precision and professionalism.

MZ Electric is a family-owned and operated business that’s served Colorado communities since 2009. In addition to outlet repair, we also offer general electrical repair services and electrical panel repairs and replacements. Secondary services we offer include whole-home surge protection, EV charger installations, and more.

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