Light Bulbs 101: Bringing You Out of the Dark

At MZ Electric, we know navigating the luminous world of light bulbs can be…well, blinding. So, we’re taking it upon ourselves to spell out the differences between the modern-day variations of Thomas Edison’s invention created more than 150 years ago.


Incandescent bulbs are often considered the least energy-efficient type of electric lighting, despite being inexpensive, available in an array of sizes and shapes, and their ability to cast a warm and inviting ambiance. Emphasizing the bulb’s energy-efficiency downfalls, governments around the world in favor of more energy-efficient lighting alternatives have passed measures to phase out these lights.


Used in both commercial and residential settings, halogen bulbs are commonly found in automotive headlamps, under-cabinet lighting and work lights. There are not many situations in which halogen lamps cannot be used, but one potential downside is the heat generated by halogen lamps, particularly in areas where HVAC costs are a concern.


The fluorescent bulb is a jack of many trades. You’ll find these bulbs inside in table lamps, ceiling fixtures, wall sconces, decorative lighting options – where the bulb is visible (think bathrooms and ceilings) and in commercial buildings. In outdoor settings, fluorescent bulbs are used in floodlights, task lighting in garages and under-cabinet fixtures. These bulbs contain small traces of mercury to light the way, so disposal of the bulb requires specific steps to avoid contact with the element.

Light Emitting Diode (LED)

Today, the most common light bulb you’ll find on store shelves is the LED variety. This bulb is more efficient than other contenders, has a longer lifespan and can be dimmed. Better still, these bulbs shine bright when it comes to energy-efficiency and durability as they’re made of plastic, not breakable glass. With every bright side there comes a silver lining – these bulbs are priced slightly higher than the competition and can last for a decade or even longer.

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