5 Signs It’s Time to Repair (or Replace) Your Light Switch

It’s 6:30 pm. You’ve made it through the clogged evening commute, grabbed the stack of mail, and trudged through the front door. Slipping off your shoes, you reach to turn on the lights but wait. Why are you in the dark?

It can beTime to Repair or Replace Your Light Switch unsettling when the lights don’t work. Many Americans keep a few battery-powered flashlights on hand, or a stash of candles in a drawer. At the very least, your cell phone probably has a small bright light you can use. But none of these can do the job of an efficient, well- functioning electrical system in your home. It’s irreplaceable. Suddenly discovering that there is a problem with the electrical system in your home may have you googling “electricians near me” before you set down the mail.

At MZ Electric, our electricians are specially trained professionals who can not only address your current problem but can offer a thorough electrical inspection of your home to perhaps prevent future problems. Sure, we can install and fix things, but we can also prevent safety issues.

Prevention is a priority. Nothing is more important than a home and the people and things in it.  A well-maintained home is the key to a well-lived life.  Top of the line electrician services are crucial to maintaining a safe, functional, and yes, illuminated home. Some issues within the electrical system occur suddenly, while others tend to happen with the passage of time. Look at the light switch. Small, unassuming, humble – yet powerful. Lights on. Lights off. It does the trick.

If you look carefully and know what to look for, the light switch can hint that there may be a problem within a home. It’s like an early warning system. How do you know if you need a light switch repair or if your light switch is trying to tell you that you have an electrical issue in your home? We are here to help you figure that out.

There are FIVE COMMON SIGNS you should be familiar with when considering the state of your light switches.  These signs often indicate a light switch is in need of attention.

Lights not turning on

The light switch is just not working. If you are flipping the switch on and off and nothing is happening, the first rule out that it’s not a circuit breaker problem. If circuits are all up and running, and the light switch is just doing nothing, then you need a light switch repair. Call us!

There could be a broken mechanism. This may be a quick fix but leave it to our electrician services experts. We are trained in this. We know what we’re doing.  Fiddling around with wires and switches as a novice can lead to injury, and cause additional, pricier issues down the road! We believe in safety first, and safety includes consulting trained professionals when dealing with electricity.

Lights turning on with a delay, a pause, or a flicker

Light switches, like almost every part of your home, can wear out over time.  If your light shows a delay, pause or flicker when switching it on, something in the system may be breaking down. Like most household parts, light switches are not meant to be a “one and done” install. The metal parts inside the switch can wear out and can impede electrical flow, causing this delay, pause, or flicker.

A well-functioning switch feels crisp as it moves into different positions. The lights turning on and off should be in quick synchrony with the switch. If there is a loosening feel to the switch or any delay, it’s time to call for a light switch repair or replacement.

Hearing an unusual noise

You really shouldn’t notice the sound of a light switch. It’s quiet. It doesn’t wake the baby. But if you hear anything unusual when you flip the switch, take note.  A crack. A pop. A snap. This is more than just the sound of a cereal. You may have a serious issue brewing. These unusual sounds coming from your light switch could mean that electricity is arcing and that you may have a fire hazard beneath your wall. Contact us to come and take a look. Our experts will get to the bottom of the noise and make a good recommendation to alleviate the problem.

Feeling hot, hot, hot!

Feeling heat emanate from the light switch area is a red flag.  Even feeling warm, warm, warm is a concern most times. Dimmer switches can sometimes be a little bit warm to the touch, but in general, light switches or switch plates should not radiate heat. They should feel cool. If you feel something warm or hot, this could be indicative of a serious electrical issue. Unfortunately, you may have a fire hazard beneath your wall, and this should be addressed without delay.  One of our trustworthy service team members, uniquely skilled in electrical repairs, can get to the bottom of the issue.

Seeing sparks

A very tiny spark can sometimes be seen coming from the inside of a switch when you turn the switch off. This is normal. A small amount of electricity can jump between contacts as the light switch mechanism moves the interior contacts away from one another. This spark should be very small, brief and it should cease once the contacts are sufficiently apart. If you see a larger spark, smell smoke, or see any signs of scorching, it is crucial to call an electrical professional into the home. An electrical inspection can be performed, and any needed light switch repairs can be made. Underlying causative factors can be addressed.

So again, being familiar with the above signs of light switch malfunction will help you know when you might need a light switch repair or replacement.  Since you’re regularly in the home, you will know before we do. Your trusted local electricians at MZ Electric will listen carefully to your description of the problem.

The light switch is one of the portals to your electrical system. It’s a peek into the circuitry and workings of your home.  If you think you need a light switch repair, don’t wait. Don’t delay electrical repairs. You may be in a potentially hazardous situation that needs to be addressed immediately. The best way to address a light switch problem or any electrical concern is to call in the professionals.

Some electrical repairs may seem minor at first glance, but they might not be as simple as you think. We all know those people who think that watching a short YouTube video equips them to fix anything. With electrical repairs, this is a terrible idea.  Burns, electrocution, fire:  There is just too much at stake when working with electricity! Why take the risk?

Our talented local electricians at MZ Electric are ready for the job. We proudly serve the Denver Metro Area and take great satisfaction in being the best of the best. Once you are established with us, you won’t need to google “electricians near me” ever again. You can just call our office and one of our trusted professionals will be out in a flash to address your concerns.

We vow to do an exemplary job keeping the electric system in your home safe, dependable, and efficient. For electrical repairs, electrical inspections, and top to bottom electrical care of your home, MZ Electric has the value, experience, and expertise that you deserve. Keep a close eye on your light switches, outlets, and fixtures. Routine inspection of them is very helpful. Alert us if something seems off. Working together is the best way to solve any problem.