Toasted Bread, Not Household Electronics

If you live in a home built more than a decade ago and you’re considering the addition of a newly purchased air conditioner or furnace; maybe a hot tub or sauna, then this installment of our MZ Electric Blog is for you.

These home accessories, along with all newer devices, including TVs and computers, have built-in sensitive electrics. If your home was to suddenly experience a power surge – or a temporary spike in voltage within an electrical circuit – from lightning, downed power lines, or another unavoidable cause, your gadgets, and more-common appliances are toast.

To avoid exposing these items to radiant heat, like the bread you had for breakfast, we suggest you first arm your home with a whole-house suppressor. Hard-wired to your home’s electric panel, think of a whole-house suppressor as a gate-keeper. If your home experiences a surge in electricity, the suppressor will instantly redirect the excess voltage to the ground wire (aka Earth). As soon as electricity levels return to normal, the suppressor allows the flow of electricity to resume throughout your home.

For your best defense against power surges, pair a whole-house suppressor – installed by an electrical professional – with power strips, surge stations, or uninterruptable power supplies. The latter are items you can purchase at your local home improvement store.

Reach out to MZ Electric at 303-933-9220, if you have questions about upgrading your home’s electric panel. We’ll let you know if you need a new panel, or if you should think about whole-house surge protection.